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Like something scary?

Halloween’s coming up and if your the kind of person that loves scaring the life out of people (and ocationally getting scared yourself) this is definitely the game for you! I recommend getting all you need for it from Save the neighbours kill the zombies! But beware there may be more the just zombies wandering the streets!


Lego Lord Of The Rings!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! It’s Lego Lord Of The Rings! THE VIDEO GAME!!!! It’s the best thing since partical exelirators! (That was a joke). I dont know much about it, but what I do know is that it’s lego, and Lord Of The Rings!


sorry I haven’t been on in a while (like 2 3 months…) but nothing interesting wa happening. ANYWAY now there is something intersting! EXTREMELY interesting! A new, FANTASTIC! Scribblenaut video game! *every body claps*! It’s called Scribblenauts Unlimitied! It wa realeased at the E3 convention! Aparently they’ve been working on it in secret for like 7 months!


A little Question I have

Sometimes I wonder why nintendo decided to use mushroomes as a power up. What made them choose mushroomes out of everything? Comment and tell me what you think!

Let’s take a moment away from 3DS and PS vita stuff to remember the things that brought us here. Like Pac Man, Space Invaders, Mario Bros. all those old 8-bit and 16-bit systems that got us to this point. Thank You ☻

The evolution of Mario

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and surviving. Build a house while it’s still light, because monsters come out at night.

Version 1.3 is coming soon  and there are tons of cool new updates. I don’t want to gove too much away but I will tell you they will have a chest you spawn beside filled with items to start your journey with.

Sony Update:

Well they’ve done it! this new PS VITA features a front and back touch screens! And now the most amazing feature of all, say you are playing a shooter like MW3, well you could take a gun you like to use and drop it some where in the real world. then tell your friend, “hey I have this gun I like using, I left it in the park you should check it out”. then your friend or who ever could go to the park, turn on his PS VITA and get that gun! (if he has the same game). Isn’t that amazing!

This may be a 16 bit blog but it’s the 21st century! 3D is the new thing, and nintendo’s right with it with their 3DS. Now the first handheld device to feature miis and NO GLASSES 3D! I an really impressed!

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